Landscape Architecture

The destruction of the natural resources as result of changing conditions of urban and rural area has presented the importance of taking planning decisions more carefully. This case has made interdisciplinary approach for environmental problems compulsory. Therefore, the formation of the institution where the detailed education is made related to the ecology, design, architecture and behavioral sciences which will train staff who are equipped as related to the landscape architecture and environmental design subjects is aimed by our university.

The Graduates of Landscape Architecture have knowledge and skills in the Environmental Landscaping and Space Planning in even urban and rural areas. They can work in the Park Garden directorate of Municipalities, architectural offices, construction companies, landscaping offices, plant nurseries as landscaping architect or they can found their own businesses.

The Landscaping Department is located in the faculty of Agriculture in the central campus of Bingöl University.

Our Mission;

The vision of our department is to train the individuals having the occupational discipline which examines nature, planning and design concepts within the systematical structure by bringing the art, science, engineering and technology together and it deals with the space design, planning and management.

Our Vision;

The vision of our department is; to be a department leading in the education, teaching, research and application fields, and to be open to the innovation and developments having educational understanding focusing on the qualified and student oriented education by means of its connections at the national or international level.