Field Crops


Our department's aim is to increase the theoretical and practical knowledge of our students and to provide self-confidence to immediately switch to commercial breeding, to develop the student's theoretical and practical knowledge of new varieties by establishing new fruit and vegetable gardens and vineyards, to increase yield and quality in open and greenhouse vegetable production, orchards and vineyard production areas.


Our mission is to raise self-confident, open-minded and well-equipped individuals with a student-centered education approach; It adopts the mission of conducting research for the benefit of its region, country and the whole world, producing new values, developing and protecting existing values. It aims to be a part and faculty of a world university that is constantly developing with its researcher and innovative approach by providing education and training services at international standards.


Our department's vision is to be one of the best departments in applied education, to increase the national and international cooperation in research, to transfer the results into practice and to increase the number of qualified publications. In addition, our department aims to increase the coordination between the grower and the industry and to contribute to the development of the country's agriculture.