Dairy Technology

Dairy Technology Department aims to deliver milk, which is an indispensable nutrient since the birth of mammals, to the consumer in a fresh, healthy and hygienic manner; milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, etc. It is a discipline that was established to transfer the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure that it can be processed into other dairy products and dairy by-products and provides training in this field.

Dairy Technology Department, which provides education at undergraduate and graduate levels, continues its education specifically with its staff specialized in milk and dairy products. The education and training program of the department has been arranged to provide students with sufficient technical equipment on issues such as increasing milk production, quality control activities in milk and dairy products, establishment and organization of dairy enterprises, and evaluation of dairy by-products.

In addition to milk and dairy products courses in the department; Basic agriculture and engineering courses are also given. The knowledge gained in the department courses is supported by laboratory and business practices.


To reach an advanced level in dairy technology education, to increase the number of researches at international level, to develop mechanisms that will enable the transfer of research results to practice.


The mission of the dairy technology department is to train qualified dairy experts equipped with participatory, contemporary, theoretical and practical knowledge with its experienced staff, to prepare projects for the development of the food industry that can contribute to the economy of the region and the country, to contribute to raising healthy generations by informing the society about food and nutrition with different methods to conduct scientific research aimed at the development of food analysis and new food techniques and methods, and to discuss and disseminate the results on various platforms.