Biosystem Engineering

Biosystem Engineering; is an integrative system discipline where the agriculture, biology and environmental sciences are combined with the engineering and design. There are four different departments within the organization of this department. Our department performs the education, research and publication activities with 1 assistant professor, and 3 research assistants.

The Main education and study subjects are;

* Improvement of the land and water sources,

* Automation in the agriculture and new developed technologies, 

* Precise agricultural techniques, 

* Energy and machines, 

* mechanization applications in the animal and plant production, 

* Mechanization applications after the crop, 

* Works for the agricultural structures and the development of the rural area

Learning outputs which are aimed in biosystem engineering

* Providing students to take the sufficient basic sciences.

* Providing to take the basic engineering courses

* Selection of assignments which will direct students to make the research and analytical thinking

* Providing students to use computer and information technologies related to their subjects beginning from the first year.

* To provide them to gain the design skill and experience by the means of the applied studies.

* To make thesis and laboratory works for developing probable solutions based on problem description, detailing and several information principle as it will include project design.

* Providing students to present seminars in courses related to several subjects and providing them to gain skill of accessing the information, compiling information and able to present in front of society.

* Considering that the most effective communication skill is thesis, and providing students to prepare the applied thesis based research as much as possible.