If we consider the reality that the life has started in the water, it can be said that the human beings are nested with the water and water products since their existence. The aquaculture is in the promising department group in Turkey. Putting scientific researches and technological developments into practice, founding mesh, feed and processing factories have made contribution to the development of sector and brought sector into the important place in the country's economy. With this context, the Aquaculture department has been founded in 2008 as being affiliated with the Bingöl University, faculty of agriculture. There 1 assistant professor, 2 research assistant doctors, and 1 research assistant in our department. The specialty areas of our instructors in our department are the Basic sciences, cultivation, fishery, fish diseases and other different research subjects. There is not any undergraduate student in our department which is still in the developing stage and the infrastructure opportunities have been accelerated for admitting students beginning from the future years. 


To follow scientific - technological developments in the aquaculture field; 

To provide students to attain the detailed knowledge background for the effective usage of our country's natural aquaculture products at the national and regional level, to arrange qualified educational programs required by period for training equipped technical workforce needed by sector accordingly with universal criteria, to conduct theoretical and applied undergraduate and post graduate educational studies, to train the idealist and successful engineers.

For maintaining the sustainable use of aquatic resources;  hunting, aquatic environment ecology, stock estimation for sustainable hunting, putting non operated stocks in service, researching stock fluctuations, determination of fishery regime, to determine the activities to be executed in lakes, ponds and dams, protection of natural stocks and production resources, utilizing maximum from natural sources without giving harm and improving productivity, cultivation, processing to aquatic food without causing any loss in proteins which are utmost useful for human health, aquatic culture cultivation which rapidly develops in our country, to conducts researches at national and international level, to manage international projects.

To present thesis to world science and technology in aquatic culture field, to produce scientific information, to make contribution, to conduct qualified scientific studies, to issue qualified publications in the international journals.

To know density, distribution, and dispersion of population and accordingly with this to play active role protection of environment in region by rational hunting, minimum cost, maximum product and optimum and sustainable benefit.

To develop models which will be maintained to get benefit from the fish populations at the optimum level.

To develop new technologies in the aquaculture sector and to provide technology transfer, to present ethical stand under any condition and to provide service for the benefit of our country at the regional and national level, to meet all technical needs of producers in our region, transferring the research subjects and innovations into practice, in other words to provide services for society and stakeholders are primary tasks of our department.


The vision of Our University Faculty of Agriculture, Aquatic Culture department;

To give importance to the aquatic environment as knowing that it composes approximately 70% of areas  in our country and world and approximately it composes the same ratio of our body.

To give importance to the aquatic culture as knowing that it composes approximately 70% of living creatures and to the value it adds to our health.

To be an higher educational institution where the individuals who are open to the innovations and developments related to water and water products work, having encouraging perception, thinking and knowledge and equipment, where the research and development studies which  will make contribution to universal knowledge and technology developments and sustainable development are made, which is successful with its education, teaching and publication activities at the world class, which produces information, which is able to meet the requirements of the sector where regional needs have privilege, which provides sustainable usage of resources, directs society, undertakes role in formation of future, which is recognized at the national and international level, being able to create resources, able to establish effective communication and cooperation with its stakeholders, which has corporate traditions and sustainability, which considers the principle to train the Aquaculture engineers and academicians who can interpret, comprehend, questions our world's and country's realities, who are able to make the measurement and evaluation within framework of the positive science, who are able to understand the numerical arguments, being able to produce solution, adherent to the professional ethics, having qualities to meet the requirements of the society skills and knowledge in any fields such as cultivation and management of natural live water sources, able to think versatile and free, who are qualified and trained accordingly with requirements of period.

 Academic Excellence
• Academic Freedom 
 Participating Management
• Rationalism
 Being scientific
• Being trainer 
• Being open to cooperation 
 To be adherent to ethical values
• Interdisciplinary work
 Social Utility
• Universality
 Innovation and Productivity
•   Sustainability
 To give importance to everything as much as they need

Laboratory and Research Needs

1 associate professor and 3 research assistants work in our department. There are 1 aquaculture cultivation research and application laboratory, 1 aquarium unit, 1 ecological research laboratory, 1 hunting technology laboratory, and 1 basic sciences laboratory in our department. Our department serves for the aquaculture sector in addition to the education, and training activities. 

Procuring the research vessel having 6 m length is considered for our department.

The researches can be conducted in these laboratories such as the genetics, fish anatomy and physiology histology and similar basic researches as well as researches in fields such as cultivation, aquaculture health, age determination, processing, aquaculture ecology, aquarium, water analysis, toxicology etc.


During period when they are included in our university staff, our department instructors have prepared some projects, some of them still continue and some of them have been completed as following:
1. Research of fish and zooplankton fauna of Murat river. BÜBAP project, Project No:018

2. Immunization of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) with Alginate Microparticles which include Inactive Flavovacterium psychophilum. BÜBAP project.

3. Scientific exploration of water and Aquaculture in Bingöl. TÜBİTAK-4004 Science and Society Projects Support Program.

4. Research of endoparasites in fish types which can be hunted in Murat River (Genç, Bingöl) BÜBAP project.

5. Histopatological examination of effect of Hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH-γ-isomer-Lindane) over Zebra Danio (Danio rerio) Bingöl University Scientific researches Project, BÜBAP project..