Animal Science

Bingöl University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Animal Science was opened in 2009 and started education in the same year. There are 5 faculty members, including 2 Professors, 1 Associate Professor, 2 Doctoral Faculty Members, and 1 Research Assistant in the department staff. Our department continues its undergraduate education. In the Department of Animal Science, basic sciences are given in the first year, basic engineering in the second year, and vocational and social courses are given in the third and fourth years. In addition, in our department, starting from the 2009-2010 Spring semester, Master's Degree education has started, and from 2012-2013 Spring semester, Doctorate education has been started.

Our graduates can find the opportunity to work in various public institutions and private sector, especially in the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, or stay at universities as researchers.

Purpose of the Program

The purpose of the animal technology program is to train and research the human power that will work on the production, economic efficiency, maintenance, nutrition and evaluation of animals whose products are used.

Mission (Our Core Duties)

Education that will provide students with internationally accepted knowledge and skills with contemporary and innovative methods in order to raise creative individuals who are well-equipped in terms of knowledge and skills, self-confident, loving their profession, respectful to the environment, society and ethical values, by making use of all the possibilities of science and technology. - presenting educational programs,

To carry out research that will contribute to science and technology at national and international level, to support the academic staffs who do research on this subject and to present the results of the research for the benefit of the society.

Our vision (our own ideal)

In the light of Atatürk's principles and the requirements of democracy, to train highly qualified individuals who can conduct scientific research, who update the knowledge and skills required by modern education in parallel with the developments in science and technology, who are sought after at the national and international level, who are researcher and analytical, to be a leading education and training institution in many subjects, giving direction to the agricultural issues and agricultural industry in our country, especially in our region, and bringing solutions to the problems encountered in this field.


Those who complete the Animal Science program are given the title of "Agricultural Engineer". The agricultural engineer, who grew up in the field of animal science, conducts research to improve the productivity of animals whose products are used, as well as educating farmers on how to house and feed animals to maximize output.

Working areas

Agricultural engineers trained in the field of animal science can work in research centers in farms affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and in feed factories and laboratories in private farms, and they can establish private farms themselves.