Agricultural Biotechnology


- To carry out R&D studies on agricultural products of strategic and industrial importance grown in the region.

- To characterize agriculturally important genes.

- To diagnose today's living creatures, historical samples and criminal samples by making molecular systematic analyzes with DNA Barcoding method.

- To determine the kinship relations of living things and to reconstruct the phylogeny with DNA-based molecular phylogenetic analyzes.

- To reveal and analyze plant and microorganism genomes with next generation sequencing.

- To perform genotyping of living things using techniques based on molecular markers and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

- Detecting food counterfeiting by testing food safety with molecular and microbial techniques.

- To follow the changes in the transformation of genes into functional gene products with quantitative gene expression studies.

- To make micropropagation of plants in vitro with tissue culture methods.

- To produce and purify microbial industrial enzymes, to develop processes and methods including their immobilization and stabilization.

- Developing high-activity enzymes using recombinant DNA technologies.

- To produce metabolites by fermentation processes.

- To examine protein structure-function relationships.

- To develop microorganisms with mutation techniques.

- To develop microorganisms that can produce high value-added products with gene manipulations.

- Producing, purifying, characterizing and making proteins of agricultural and industrial importance available to the industry.

- To carry out genomic, proteomic and metabolomic studies and high-tech scientific research.

- To do biofertilizer (microbial fertilizer) studies.

- To provide identification and containment of microorganisms used in industries for agriculture and food sector.

- To train undergraduate and graduate students simultaneously with research studies and to graduate in the field of Agricultural Biotechnology.

- To fulfill other duties and missions given by the Rectorate and Dean's Office.


- To follow the technology in agricultural research and production, to produce technology, to transfer it to practice and industry.

- To develop projects for the production of industrial products focused on solutions to national agricultural problems.

- To provide communication and coordination with public, private sector, universities and research institutes operating in the field of Agricultural Biotechnology.

- To be a department that produces projects that will contribute to the strengthening of national and international cooperation in the field of biotechnology.

- To implement solution-oriented national and international scientific and prestige projects for the needs of the region.

- Developing infrastructure projects aimed at establishing a Technocity and serving R&D.

- To implement national and international training projects in the field of Agricultural Biotechnology.

- Developing projects that will enable the development of new products with high economic value.

. To conduct bioeconomy studies

- To implement R&D Projects that will lead regional development.

- To develop the technical and personnel infrastructure of our department.

- To host national and international research and education activities within the framework of the 2023 Turkey vision.