· To fulfill the obligation of serving the society in the agricultural field by carrying out scientific research, qualified education and application functions,

· To implement contemporary and qualified education and training programs at undergraduate and graduate levels in order to raise well-equipped and entrepreneurial individuals in the fields of Agricultural Engineering,

· To raise individuals equipped with contemporary and practical knowledge, advanced research and problem-solving skills, and communication skills

· To organize events that will emphasize the importance of international interaction and to raise awareness in the training of young scientists,

· To ensure that students receive education in a way that can compete at the international level,

· To support activities that will enable students to transfer the theoretical and applied professional knowledge they have acquired into practice,

· To train Agricultural Engineers who define and analyze problems and develop solutions based on research,

· To improve the research opportunities of academic staff,

· To support research and education activities aimed at the priority problems and needs of the society,

· Being competitive nationally and internationally in agricultural research,

· To promote environmentally friendly sustainable agriculture by protecting our natural resources,

· To undertake the task of reaching and disseminating information for agricultural and economic development at the national and regional levels,

· Increasing the national and international cooperation in agricultural research, transferring the results to practice and increasing the number of qualified publications.


On the basis of science, modern technology, and sustainability; To be an internationally recognized Faculty of Agriculture that carries out accredited education and quality research activities, produces knowledge, transforms the knowledge it produces into economic and social benefits, is sensitive to the environment, protects biological diversity and natural resources, meets the expectations of stakeholders, integrates with the relevant sectors and the people of the region